Paris of graceful couplet changeover is wonderful instantaneous score 3:1Get the better of coronal of Parisian promotion Europe 8 strong


Beijing time 7 days of before dawn, proceed of second bout of final of Europe coronal 1/8, parisian fiesta ear graceful assume personal command advocate field is right Zhen Manlian. In two teams head in the match of the bout, graceful couplet is in advocate 0 than 2 negative at adversary, promotion hope is uncertain. But final field of graceful couplet guest 3: 1 get the better of Paris, realize big changeover. The match begins the 2nd minute, lukaku is hit quickly into one ball, paris 0: 1 graceful couplet. The 12nd minute, beiernate’s goal, adapt score into 1 than 1, right now, big Paris still has clear advantage on total score. But be in the 30th minute, lukaku scores a goal again, field of graceful couplet guest 2 than 1 banner adversary. The second half Dimaliya infiltrates one ball is sentenced to disable becau

se of offside, delakesilela is hurt exeunt, belfry of graceful couplet young general comes on stage with reserve of heart of Glyn five on the west receive show of Ou Guan head. Th

e 84th minute, mu Ba Pei misses short-hilted broadsword opportunity, beiernate center pillar. In the phase when filling, VAR assistant judgment affirmed Daluote makes the dot ball that make, fixed fire kills Lashenfude absolutely. Final, field of graceful couplet guest 3: Ear of fiesta of 1 conquer Paris graceful, two teams two bouts total score 3: 3, dan Manlian depends on coronal of Europe of promotion of advantage of guest field goal 8 strong, realize Jing extremely big changeover. (Be over) original title: Big changeover! 3:1 of field of graceful couplet guest8 strong responsibility edit coronal of Europe of big Pa长沙夜生活论坛ris promotion: Li Xiaoling


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