Station of the ridge outside Shanghai of thing of 2019 cycle track rings down the curtain hand of more than 700 car attends


On March 9, by sports of Shanghai sports bureau, Shanghai total meeting is sponsorred, fine bureau of the sports that decide an area, fine government of people of town of the ridge outside deciding an area, fine oasis of total meeting, Shanghai invests the sports that decide an area accuse a group limited company undertake, ridge town economy grows outside the office, outside service center of sports of ridge town culture, outside ridge town chamber of commerce, outside club of fitness of sports of ridge town community, outside culture of sports of limited company of development of sports of whale of grand of alliance of ridge town entrepreneur, Shanghai, every pace develops (Shanghai) limited company assist do 2019 this. This the match is not only 2019 Si Ke amounts to what series of HEROS annulus Shanghai surpasses to begin battle, a station that also is project of bicycle of league matches of Shanghai city amateur at the same time. Ridge is Shanghai becomes land prior area outside, the Gu Gang of ridge is ancient coasting formerly personally outside is vestigial, because the sea of vast i

s outside ridge body, get the ridge outside the name so, ridge also is obtained from this outside have Shanghai ancient outside of the beach say. In recent years outside ridge town economy and social enterprise develop quickly, while the citizen is going after character of corporeal culture life, also elevate health and environmental protection consciousness ceaselessly, healthy motion and the concept development community that rubbish classifies and enterprise, be pressed down the wide attention of dweller and company staff completely. This second match attracted the hand of more than 700 car that comes from ten countries and area to attend. In warm suddenly cold still early spring, a lot of players regard first match of 佛山夜品茶网new this year sports season as this match, at the same time still a few new motorcade appear. Although weather is cold, but spot atmosphere is very fervent. The spot is special held

green environmental protection of company of classification of the ridge outside moving, be of one mind fine time activity, attracted 40 businesses inside area under administration, nearly 300 workers are taken an active part in. The activity will ride a motion and outside photograph of lifestyle of environmental protection of classification of the green zoology culture of ridge, rubbish is shirt-sleeve, advocate healthy life, green to go out row. Go up in group in the match, continued wide suffer bicycle lover and gay of spare car hand in group form, retained elite group, woman group, U25 group, U35 group, master form and college male group 6 groups are fastened. The match bypasses a contest for highway, sheet encircles 3.2KM of circuit overall length. The VIP client that this the match still amounts to for Si Ke was made exclusive courteous reception, offer exclusive parking space, user rests area and athletic rehabilitation massage an area. Si Ke amounts to praise highly of match of set of HEROS China bicycle to advocate the concept of environmental protection of healthy, zoology, recreational life, close nature, the bicycle that advocates green moves. As on March 9 annulus Shanghai head the station is in fine a contest of the ridge outside deciding, HEROS greeted the 5th sports season, the burnish that passes 5 sports season and hammer into shape, this brand has obtained HEROS the good public praise of inside and outside of bicycle line of business. It is reported, coming 2019 Si Ke amounts to HEROS Huang Shan of the 14th China (Yi county) international country car makes public contest general in March 30, hold 31 days in Anhui Yi county again, be worth what carry was 2019 Hong Jingfeng is spent (HUGE FONDO) returns to Huang Shan once more. HEROS will take you to drive a country in the picture together, experience dreamy yellow hill. Original title: Station of the ridge outside Shanghai of annulus of match of set of 2019HEROS China bicycle rings down the curtain responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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