Dian Qiu of Liu of national sufficient leader of a group reviews Zhang Lu drunk drive case to social excuse the apology believes full text


Dian Qiu of Liu of national sufficient leader of a group reviews Zhang Lu drunk drive case to social excuse the apology believes full text this morning, china is sufficient assist the government released Liu Dianqiu of national sufficient leader of a group to be aimed at Zhang Lu drunk those who drive be related think over and check, liu Dianqiu the excuse of social all circles to group of nation of care, support. Liu Dianqiu writes: According to Tianjin police the bulletin September 21, 2019, the player Zhang Lu that enters sheet of national group name to go up on September 18 because evening is suspected of drunk drive and be detained by criminal. This breaks out incident, although happen during the daily life that returns a club and job, regard national group as the leader of a sports team, make me feel deeply compunctious with self-communion. I am done not have from national group this higher level makes Zhang Lu true what know is the health, life of clean, sunshine, did not make Zhang Lu true understand the intention of domestic responsibility and national liability, did not let Zhang Lu understand how to make young model. After returning a club too lax in discipline, send tragedy eventually. Bring about be suspected of violating crime, harmed oneself, harmed family, caused serious social effect, have damage the figure at team of football of Chinese country man, I also brazenly face does not have light. Here, the excuse of social all circles that I concern heart, support and attention nation group to place, cordial ground says to I am sorry! In May 2019 since the portion, through the effort of showing the utmost fortitude, we invite li of skin to hold the position of national group bishop to drill again, the go on an expedition that lead a group 2022 Qatar world cup. Parted June conquer is Philippine after overcoming Si Tan with tower auspicious, national group locks up seat of calm seed group successfully, laid good foundation in group for 40 strong competition. After this, leather group developed the work with fruitful insecurity in, china is sufficient assist leader and safeguard group each doing his own job, assured the stability of the team and solidarity, make the development of national group and construction go on right way. On September 10, field of national group objective 5 than 0 conquer Maldives, took 3 minutes, opened a good head for journey of this world cup. More important is, this brand-new team is shown gave favorable mental view, body revealed due passion and vigor, side with the appearance stride that imagines in broad fan memory, let social all circles see confidence and hope. I serve as an old fogey of 60 years old, say a check that draw out a heart child if, what I long for day and night all the time is such setting and posture, when this kind of steady progress impetus appears in at the moment, I such already dim the person of a cycle of sixty years of feeling, also couldn’t help swinging Shuang Jiang in the depth of the heart, raise sail to 2022 the sail of Qatar world cup. The person has close concern surely without foresight, zhang Lu incident pullbacks me to harsh reality at a draught, national group resembles the machine that is a rigor, every component should run according to right pattern, ability forms resultant force finally. A spare parts inverts, likely fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall short of success for lack of a final effort. So machine need is checked ceaselessly and repair, amend, ability ensures normal movement. Be aimed at the job of national group player, also be such. Tell the truth, national group assemble for training when, I inspect the child that the foot resembles each countries is me, below parental majesty, in Yan Ke’s management the system falls, they work to have circumference. I once thought this is a kind of self-conscious individual accomplishment, after the player returns club life and job, also can resemble restraining oneself in that way in national group, show a person with good public figure from beginning to end. Each youth yearns for freedom and unrestrained and far -ranging in the process that grow, what hold the post of a bird high to fly one day is yearning with the dream. Once gain freedom,feasibility condition often is, cannot control however. Freedom is right, but freedom is premise with responsibility. So called freedom, cannot harm oneself, cannot harm family, cannot disturb society, cannot have caustic team figure. Guard free bottom line only, observe custom of public order fine, know it is somewhat do not be so

mewhat, ability day holds the post of a bird high to fly. Otherwise, be about to lose a limb, pay bitter price. Itself of Zhang Lu incident belongs to individual incident, overturn to national group stabilizes a situation auspiciously to won’t be formed sexual concussion. Accordingly, we must alarm

bell is long cry, cannot let piece of aigret incident form overlay effect. Had finished 2022 task of Qatar world cup, ask we want to have masterly technical level not only, more ask we want to have sturdy belief and ideal. Body of national group team member wraps around ensign, the go on an expedition that it is a country, representin重庆夜品茶网g national form, bearing the weight of the country is honorary, want to pay more than general athlete necessarily, also ask taller. Regard the motion of bear state heavy responsibility as the team, want to be able to call victorious battle not only, more want way admirable; Should use achievement to render service to repay kindness on competition ground not only country, response expects, should be more outside competition ground correct figure, deliver energy. Zhang Lu incident, the specification is mixed in the education of national group level guide insufficient, in national group is built and developing a process, at ordinary times the job returns not quite meticulous, management to return politics of not quite strict, thought to teach the job to return insufficient development, cause athlete of group of a few nations to did not feel national honor, the mission feeling, sense of responsibility, example implant heart that does a young person, outside doing not have, change in daily behavior. On the world most be afraid of serious 2 words, as long as serious, you can win. No matter be national group assemble for training and match during, still be other time, I meet what to each countries with logical way the foot has active patience to guide, make each person clear, life and ideal require certain corporeal base only not just, need powerful mental force more. Each professional player that has highest pursuit should be put to world cup heart unwilling with longing. In each countries on the life the foot should accomplish style of conversation to have sense of property, behavior has a principle, consistent. Only such, the target that we pound a world cup just can come true likely. Old Fu Li aing thoroghbred horse, annals is in a thousand li. Honest ground says, after 60 years old, I need not make the leader of a group of national group, natural span of life of take care of oneself coming home, enjoy Chun Nuanhua leaves and years is static good. But, having the Party member of 37 years of party standing as, as testimony China football has the football person that rise and fall falls nearly 40 years, see the football old person of world cup of national group promotion as a Chang Yumeng, when the country needs me, can burn with righteous indignation, although abandon this piece of life of home of the upper part of the body and oneself old face, also be willing to become the bearer of national group. We are met draw inferences about other cases from one instance of Zhang Lu incident, relapse vigilant, strengthen nurturance is taught and guide, strengthen a system to build, establish custom consciousness, urge each nations the foot is accomplished truly promote Chinese spirit, condense Chinese force, make young model. When national group again assemble for training prepares for war next 40 when Jiangsaibi is surpassed, I believe each members of national group, metropolis because of Zhang Lu’s incident touch somewhat, metropolis learn a lesson. I also can say a most clear word children: The person wants a face, the tree wants a skin! I believe, they can be accomplished, also can accomplish, show on competition ground. I know very well, the force of my person is finite. The football is the project with very strong consciousness of a group, have each member joint effortses of the group only, for a common cause hand in hand before row, ability makes the national group with a highly disciplined, excellent way. For the dream of the world cup, before I and our group will continue together, go, do weller hard. The mission is in shoulder, shoulder heavy responsibilities, the social all circles that cares national group please is mixed to me myself each national group members undertake coach and be supervisoried. Original title: : of national sufficient leader of a group? Encompass of press and smooth of boracic cut down promotes? of cochlea of Wu fierce threshold to edit to responsibility of excuse of social all circles: Li Xiaoling


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